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This is unironically very emotionally powerful. A metaphor for the constant struggles of life in an ever changing world eager to make it all come tumbling down. The moment you think you’re ok; the bird of tragedy comes and ruins everything over and over again for the rest of your life. The constant struggle to keep everything together and resist change is ultimately futile.

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I can tell you’ve taken a lot of inspiration from game soundtracks with this one. Like your other songs it has an absolutely incredible atmosphere that puts people like GRmusic to shame in my opinion. The use of sound effects, especially when you’re just starting out, is amazing. I don’t know where you learned these audio techniques but they really almost carry the song. The guitar is nice but the lack of a real outro is a concern. One thing I do see you being able to do in the future is creating an extremely intense song (DnB, dubstep, or something else) that works hand in hand with the urgent atmosphere your tracks contain, as in the intro, bridge, and outro would rely on your atmosphere but then there would also be a pretty major drop in between. I could see that being the next logical step, and it’s one you are working towards especially with the previous track you made. Really nice work here and can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future.

OrangeFluff responds:

Thanks for this wonderful review, it was such a pleasure to read it honestly :3
And you are right! I would like to create an intense track that would be consistent throughout without breaking the atmosphere, it sounds like a hard task but I'm woking towards it :D
Also I agree about the outro, I should've worked more on it, I just was tired of working on this track already so I decided to stop o-o
Anyways, thanks again, have a good day! =w=

I disagree, creating descriptions really helps outline the piece in a way I couldn’t really successfully do in a news post or a comment. There always happens to be things I want to tell my audience as they listen to my new song, with maybe 3-4 exceptions. I’ve been to make longer descriptions in an effort to give some input on my decisions, especially since I began truly experimenting with what I was creating and trying to take full advantage of the software. It is for that reason that I feel I am improving as an artist over time, and there will be mishaps along the way but by the end my goal is to create a harmony between these different features in my future songs, like a professional producer (although I have no intentions of becoming one as of right now).
Anyways, the song. I go on a big rant in every review I leave now I guess. This feels different than your other songs which I like a lot. There was a period before the summer when I honestly could not tell which songs were which based on instrumentation, mixing, and structuring. But that has changed for the better: this has much more of a “surprise” feeling (I stole that term from the surprise symphony); very stop-start which works here I think. I just don’t know why it’s called “nearing the end”….
Is what I would have said originally until I heard the ending. I’m starting to wonder if this is some sort of foreshadowing of a big event, and leaving us hanging on that ending is the perfect way to show that. I hope you aren’t going to stop anytime soon because I do enjoy writing these reviews. And about you being late on my last one, I understand because I literally uploaded it 2 days after I uploaded Connecticut and didn’t expect a review from you that early, I doubted anyone expected me to do it that quickly. Since then it’s been 3 weeks+ as I lost all my progress (it wasn’t that good anyways, I’m sticking to mobile for now).

Tangeroni responds:

Yeah, I can see why someone would value their author's comment. I just feel that it's better to let the viewer listen and let the music speak for its self.

Don't worry about ranting. It's fun to listen to.

For the foreshadowing part... you cracked a case that I didn't even layout. This song wasn't initially meant to foreshadow anything but you are actually right. I am working on my biggest project yet. The first time that I have had to collaborate with someone on a project of my own. It's been in the works for more than two months and it's nearly done. I just need to send a few things around and edit a few things here and there to complete it.

Don't worry, I'm not intending to stop any time soon. If I have suddenly stopped posting and disappeared for over a month and a half, then I'm probably dead or something horrible happened.

Anyway, thanks for the comment!

A name change? What is this! I didn’t really have a problem with the old GRMusic but I did also change my name at the new year. Decided to go for a new brand of my own for this account rather than trying to leech off of the previous. It’s a long story, I should talk about the song now.
The pitch bend is probably the most original thing here, it gives it a sense of uniqueness and kinda past the late 90s into early 2000s in my opinion. I liked the melodies, and the percussion is limited by design of course. I used to make video game songs back in December as well and they couldn’t hold a candle to this. Well done.

VariableGR responds:

Thanks for your support and history teaching, the name changes its because i want a original name, GRMusic was used by many mexican pages on internet.
So i change it to variable = prone to changes
like my style music

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Edit: honestly I was just extremely surprised that you would make art like this, but I’ve seen too many weird animes to consider this out of the ordinary
As a piece of art, this needs improvement. The lack of any backgrounds really hurts the… atmosphere. The subject matter itself is fine until the third picture, where the depictions become disturbing. If that was the point, then good job.

Mikas0Pikas0Pog responds:

bruh, dont look at M rated art
edit: the main inspiration was mostly soultaker, which made alot of nsfw, which include databrawl. i was lazy to add a bg
if yoo look at the third pic without context, it would make much more sense.
the point was to draw kinda-semi-nsfw stuff. the first 2 are T, but the last one was an M. there wasnt any nudity shown but there were exposed parts
seeya! have a nice day!

For your literally first time ever doing pixel art, this is way better than any art I’ve made. I did take an art elective in school, but didn’t enjoy it all that much. I am not an art person, much more involved with the sciences and music, and so I’m probably not the best person to rate this. I agree though, if the red knight was bigger it would help gather more details, I don’t know if pixelart.com allows you to change the pixel size but that could have been another way to increase precision. At the moment the eyes feel too low and small but the rest of him was done spot on. Underappreicated factor is the background, I am genuinely very impressed with the shading, keeping that Castle Crashers feel. That game is the only one I’ve played straight from Newgrounds as far as I remember.

Tangeroni responds:

Thanks! I never took any art electives in anything past middle school. Pixelart does allow you to increase the pixels at the right when you start. Now that you mention it, I agree that the eyes are slightly low. I would have made the eyes smaller if I could but my prior decisions bit me in the back. Anyway, thanks for the feedback :).

Currently working on making a song for each of the 50 United States (now in geometry dash!).



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