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Rush be like

I think this would be funnier without the animation so our brains could come up with any visual we wanted

What did I just watch…

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3 stars for 3star

In seriousness, 3 stars is what I would rate this as, mainly because of the creative concept, however it is held back by the soundtrack and lackluster graphics that remind me of FNAF world. I had a fun time with this though, good work despite its short length.

Anonymous-Frog responds:

Thanks for the review:

I do not encourage specifically worded reviews designed only for my validation. You have better things to do.

Sound effects are too loud, also the controls make it hard to press multiple buttons at once which makes it frustrating to play. Good job though

datOlly825 responds:

I was going to make the sfx quieter, and maybe custom controls. Thanks for the feedback!

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You're going places. When I was 13-14 I was absolutely awful at making music sound like the way I had envisioned in my head, and here we have an eighth grader whose composition skills are comparable to and surpass many adult producers I have listened to. I will say though, it is a little repetitive and more variety in synths would have been nice. Great work though especially for your age.

burningmagma responds:

Thank you very much! Since I purchased Kontakt 7 and Zebra Legacy on my birthday a few weeks ago, I can guarantee you that there is variety to come.

Well this is interesting. As someone who also made a remix of Jevil’s theme around the time of chapter 2’s release, I can say that you probably outperformed that song lol. Regardless, I do think you could have applied some sort of effects to the instruments to make them sound less… basic/dry? There’s some new harmonic components in here, especially the introduction (which is the best part of the song imo) and the end of the climax. I also liked the outro, but the song as whole did get a little repetitive in the middle which is unfortunate. Good job though.

BrainETR responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah I’ve learned a lot more about mixing since I made this remix, the instrument usage here is very bare-bones

This is actually my favorite waterflame song, believe it or not. 1:29-2:09 in particular is genuinely a bop, and edges this song out over final battle for me. Also this whole song brings me a ton of nostalgia.

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The one in the middle is actually rather impressive

Anonymous-Frog responds:

Yes I do own real bananas and sometimes take pictures of them.

Edit: honestly I was just extremely surprised that you would make art like this, but I’ve seen too many weird animes to consider this out of the ordinary
As a piece of art, this needs improvement. The lack of any backgrounds really hurts the… atmosphere. The subject matter itself is fine until the third picture, where the depictions become disturbing. If that was the point, then good job.

Mikas0Pikas0Pog responds:

bruh, dont look at M rated art
edit: the main inspiration was mostly soultaker, which made alot of nsfw, which include databrawl. i was lazy to add a bg
if yoo look at the third pic without context, it would make much more sense.
the point was to draw kinda-semi-nsfw stuff. the first 2 are T, but the last one was an M. there wasnt any nudity shown but there were exposed parts
seeya! have a nice day!

For your literally first time ever doing pixel art, this is way better than any art I’ve made. I did take an art elective in school, but didn’t enjoy it all that much. I am not an art person, much more involved with the sciences and music, and so I’m probably not the best person to rate this. I agree though, if the red knight was bigger it would help gather more details, I don’t know if pixelart.com allows you to change the pixel size but that could have been another way to increase precision. At the moment the eyes feel too low and small but the rest of him was done spot on. Underappreicated factor is the background, I am genuinely very impressed with the shading, keeping that Castle Crashers feel. That game is the only one I’ve played straight from Newgrounds as far as I remember.

Tangerine responds:

Thanks! I never took any art electives in anything past middle school. Pixelart does allow you to increase the pixels at the right when you start. Now that you mention it, I agree that the eyes are slightly low. I would have made the eyes smaller if I could but my prior decisions bit me in the back. Anyway, thanks for the feedback :).

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