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Currently working on making a song for each of the 50 United States (now in geometry dash!).



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Posted by 50Steaks - August 11th, 2021

After all these years, I finally recently found out that FL studio for the PC has a free trial version that doesn’t let you open saved tracks. I circumvented that by simply never closing FL. But yeah I’m considering switching to that over the mobile version as it’s far more capable and able to make a greater variety of synths sound nice which I noticed in FL mobile seemed impossible. I’m excited to make my first state in FL, but it is taking some time to learn lol.

UPDATE: After losing all progress on a pretty mediocre song due to lack of ability to save I have now decided to just backtrack and not attempt anything crazy for now.


Posted by 50Steaks - July 28th, 2021

Currently beginning to work my next BIG project. Those who keep up on my SoundCloud already have a clue as there was a song named Carelya that I just deleted as it would have spoiled this. I’m planning to make a decently long song (for my standards) that truly encapsulates the feelings and emotions of my next state, and who better to remake than a piece from a famous classical composer. My next state is one of my personal favorites and so I thought I’d do something special for it, different than the norm. I have only seen maybe 1-2 modern songs in my time on the internet made in a similar way as my next track (where modern means like past 30 years). It’s not something completely new or original, but rather a callback to a different time in history when music was far more well thought out as a whole and was more drawn out. You can probably guess what I’m doing right now just from that lmao

Posted by 50Steaks - July 23rd, 2021

Today’s my birthday (that’s all lol)


Posted by 50Steaks - July 21st, 2021

Due to two unexpected reviews by @GRMusic and @Tangeroni stating that New Mexico doesn’t even sound Mexican and instead sounds European, I have made the executive and rare decision to rename and rebrand the track post publishing. The state I have chosen is Idaho, because of its potato industry reminding me of distinctly Ireland. Thank you two for your input, I need to go find some more concrete inspiration for the real New Mexico track when I do get around to making it.

Posted by 50Steaks - June 21st, 2021

After years of waiting and tribulations, I have finally at last been whitelisted into geometry dash. I would like to thank @grmusic for helping me do this, and can now fulfill my dreams of making songs with GD in mind for my future levels. This is massive for me personally. Go check me out in GD username is 50Steaks of course.


Posted by 50Steaks - June 19th, 2021

The first new national holiday to happen in 36 years, Juneteenth, celebrates the liberation of Texan slaves when they found out on June nineteenth in 1865. For the first time in history, I feel obligated to make a post celebrating it as Texas was the last state to free its slaves.

Posted by 50Steaks - June 14th, 2021

Just found my forever lost headphones, they aren’t anything special but the ones I had replacing them weren’t as good. These provide a wider range of dynamic value and aren’t as focused on the treble part of sounds. If my mixing slightly changes as a result of this then now you know why (apart from my next song which is already finished)


Posted by 50Steaks - June 6th, 2021

@Tangeroni maybe you should think about this as well, since you did the orchestra competition thing I think this is another one of those but for all newgrounds music. Ask troisnyx about it on the forums or something like I just did a few days ago if you want.

Back in 2018 when I first joined NG I received a message from Troisnyx about NGUAC and joined with Trip to Egypt, my first song ever published online. Ever since I have always wanted to do it again since back then it was such a failure and nobody liked it, for good reason. However I couldn’t in 2019 since my 2nd account was made a month after NGUAC in 2020 and I wasn’t even posting after September so that was a failure to join again as well. But I think I’m finally ready for my comeback this year next week or so with my new untitled song using mixing techniques never before seen to this scale. It sounds way more professional than anything I’ve made before. I can’t wait to show you all what it’s like but I don’t know what state to name it after yet. Here’s a sneak peek: it’s yet another dark and ominous song.


Posted by 50Steaks - May 26th, 2021

I usually just make songs and post them here on this account, naming them after states, etc. But recently I’ve made music outside of that series for the first time, and I would never post it here because I don’t think those other songs are as good as my normal ones. However, I also recently discovered SoundCloud and its potential for a kind of alternative account for different music. Would you guys be a fan of that? I mostly just made a remix of my favorite Tobu song (it’s one of his two excellent ones) from 2014 so far, and I’m curious as to how something weird like that would appeal to audiences, or other things such as failed projects/unfinished projects as in like a “behind-the-scenes” type account. Anyways let me know your thoughts, thanks for reading.

Posted by 50Steaks - May 5th, 2021

Today I took my last exam for the year (AP physics 1). That means I’ll have a lot more time for music, and guess what, my next song will be song 25. Half way done!